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Welcome to the world of Marketing!

Course Overview

Appropriate for graduates having both business and non-business backgrounds, this course is designed to transform MBA graduates into competent marketing professionals with exposure to the real-world of marketing.

The learning technique followed in this course is called “Action Learning”, is the winning premise of the course whereby students fundamentally learn through doing. Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. In conventional MBA programs students learn about management, in this course they learn to manage.

This course, which is a blend of online and offline activities, is structured like a scheduled regular course, with defined online sessions, practical projects and short-term assignments that replicate real-life work conditions.

How will you benefit?

Students will be able to strengthen their prior knowledge of management theory by adopting and applying actual marketing skills.

  1. Students gain practical understanding of the marketing challenges faced by a variety of different organisations, from start-ups and non-profits to multinational corporations.
  2. Regular contact with business situations via the course and related events provide good networking opportunities, as well as the chance to enhance team-playing, motivational and leadership skills required for this profession.

3.     The course covers a broad range of disciplines and skill sets, at the same time, the personal and professional development of each student is achieved through a defined series of actions, scenarios and events.

Course Outline

This add-on course carries a total of 3 credits for the 5 modules of the syllabus.

Module 1: Contemporary Marketing Practices

Module 2: Strategic Marketing Management

Module 3: Digital Marketing

Module 4: Leadership in Sales & Marketing

Module 5: Marketing Research

This Action Learning based course consists of a hybrid array of touchpoints with real-world of business, facilitating learner engagement with a diverse range of marketing activities and experiences. The programme also incorporates a suite of modules designed specifically to prepare the learner for careers in marketing practice. The hybrid nature of the course will turn Marketing Graduates into Marketing Practitioners with an array of action learning components; incorporating live/realistic assignments, specialised workshops, marketing strategy simulation and an industry-based marketing research project.

The approximate number of hours required for completion of course would be 40 hours.


At the end of each module, students will take up a quiz which they need to take up and score more than 50% in each of the quiz, to qualify for the end-of-the-course assessment quiz.

All students who successfully complete the end-of-the-course assessment quiz by scoring a minimum of 50% score will receive a course completion certificate.

Resource person:

Sudeep B. Chandramana PhD


Happy learning!

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