MACFAST Uniqueness

Solar Powered Campus

Macfast has installed a 30 kw rooftop solar power plant envisaging an yearly production of 45,000 units (kilowatt hours) of electricity which could meet half of the annual power demand of the institution.The design and installation of the solar power plant has been done by the Hyderabad-based Radiant Solar Private Limited with approval and support from the Union Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and ANERT attached to Department of Power, Kerala. The total investment for the project is Rs 72 lakhs, that include Rs 22 lakhs towards capital subsidy from MNRE and Rs 37 lakhs in the form of low interest loan from State Bank of Travancore refinanced by NABARD.The system has got 27,600 Watts panels (Wp), 30 KW state of the art bi-directional charger capable of functioning as an interactive inverter with grid-tie capability, four-member charge controllers, a 19-inch rack and a central monitoring device package. The innovative campus-based solar power plant is Macfast’s answer to the demand for Green Energy.Renewable energy that has little impact on the carbon footprint is the only viable solution to address the increasing energy needs of the country in an ecologically sustainable manner, says the Principal.

Radio MACFAST 90.4

Radio MACFAST 90.4 is the first on-campus Community radio in the State and 46th in the Country. Community Radio as a model, is a democratic medium assisting the work of both public and voluntary organizations as part of an emerging, non-profit community development sector. Radio MACFAST 90.4 bridges the knowledge divide in the community. Radio MACFAST 90.4 was launched on 01 November 2009. The radio acts as an effective tool for awareness especially for social and environment consciousness. Hridayaspandanam, Clean and green city project, War aganist Drugs etc are some social commitment projects undertaken by Radio MACFAST. The radio provides opportunity for students to work as radio jockeys, marketing executives and programme producers.

Clean and Green Campus

MACFAST is evolving as a model campus with the vision of ‘to make a Model Campus that is Waste-free, Green and Healthy’. It plans to demonstrate different sustainable practices in waste management, energy conservation and resource utilization so that the same can be replicated by any institution as well as stake holders. Now it is already implemented. With the title ‘Clean and Green Campus’ and with a caption ‘Think big think green’- it has paved a smooth way to cultivate good environmental practices/habits in students and staff through various systematic and scientific methods. Our Clean and Green Campus programme has already begun in the area of Solid Waste Management activities in our campus – Biogas for both Men's and Women's Hostels, Waste treatment plant, coloured Waste Bins, supply of potable water etc.


It is a new venture by MACFAST to provide the students with a real time experience on Food production, preservation and marketing. MACFAST foods started functioning in December 2013. Snacks and confectioneries needs of the Gents hostel, Ladies hostel and of the College canteen are now supplied through MACFAST Foods.

MACFAST Industry Interface

Synergizing the capabilities in the diverse fields of academics, MACFAST is establishing MACFAST INDUSTRY INTERFACE (MII) at various Technology centers and Industrial sites. Such an interface can give rise to a robust, high quality, interdependent, long-term relationship between industry and academy leading to a win–win situation for both. This system of working with academia would be an essential constituent of Supply Chain Management for the Multinational Companies. Moreover, increasing interdependence between academy and industry will satisfy needs for sustenance and innovation in their respective areas. This initiative aims to offer collaborative learning opportunities for students with the multinational companies thus transforming their potentials greatly and grooming them for future challenges.