MACFAST center for research and development(MCRD)

A knowledge driven agenda of global development is the hallmark of the 21st century with livelihood and sustainable development as the prime theme for planning and policy considerations. Science and technology together form an important input for sustained growth which provides people with requisite tools and infrastructure in the areas of resource exploration, database development and management, communication, extraction of raw materials, their manufacture into products, trade, waste recycling, health care, protection of environment and preservation of cultural heritage. In order to achieve this end of a better equipped and better functioning community, it is essential to have a good blend of science, technology and business management. It is important to make the fruits of fundamental research available to society in a tangible manner. Recognizing this need, the MACFAST Center for Research and Development (MCRD) aims at conducting research in a holistic manner. Fundamental research is carried out here in the fields of Computer Science, Bioscience and Business Management. Researchers are encouraged to break free from the confines of their core subject of research and relate their topic of study with the other disciplines. In this way, a student working on the pure sciences would learn to use computer technology which would provide important inputs to his research and also acquire business skills that would enable him to market his work and translate it into economy. A student of computer science would learn to apply his skills to pressing biological problems and arrive at marketable solutions. Similarly a student of business management would acquire sufficient knowledge of information technology and biotechnology, thereby enabling him to understand the booming “technology market” better.


In keeping with this theme, the principal research direction of the centre relates to the generation of high value knowledge on the one hand and formulation of appropriate approaches and technologies for sustainable development on the other. Relevant, clearly targeted research being essential for development planners and policy makers, our research programmes are based on the following major objectives and areas of emphasis.
  • Natural resource exploration, biodiversity assessment and conservation management
  • Land use planning, resource mapping and geo-indication
  • Environmental quality assessment (air, water and land), climate change and environmental toxicology
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants, natural dyes and herbal healthcare products (pharmaceuticals, neutriceuticals and cosmeceuticals)
  • Quality standards, market strategy and IPR issues
  • Biotechnology, transgenic plants (GM crops) and biotech products (secondary metabolites)
  • Genomics, proteomics, genetic engineering and bioinformatics
  • Neural network, algorithms, data communication and application of fuzzy sets in Computer Science
  • Food preservation technologies, food borne toxins and contaminants (like heavy metals and pesticide residues)
The centre promotes doctoral research (full time and part time) leading to Ph.D. and undertakes sponsored projects from frontline (both national and international) funding agencies.


The centre provides specialized services that give development planners and resource managers comprehensive, up-to-date support for their own research and management programmes. The centre extends its services in:
  • Designing academic and commercial tissue culture laboratories.
  • Developing protocols and stock cultures for economically and ecologically important crops/species.
  • Assessing nutritional quality of foods, herbal extracts and other bioproducts.
  • Conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for industrial, power generation, irrigation, tourism and other development projects.
  • Designing environmentally compatible greenbelts for industrial estates and city lung spaces for urban areas and avenues.
  • Preparing environment management plan (EMP) for conserving land and water resources, habitats and heritage sites of a given locality/region.
  • Designing artificially intelligent machines for improving lifestyle.
  • Organizing training and entrepreneur development programmes in the above areas.

Research Process Outsourcing @ MACFAST

We at MACFAST intend to take our strengths in research to the next level. We wish to offer fully integrated biotechnology and bioinformatics solutions to promote research and development relationships/services worldwide. We promise to utilize our experience, expertise and technology complemented by our management and human resources, with a strong commitment to transparency, honesty and emphasis on ecologically viable strategies.
Our team is backed by a well-trained scientific research team, state-of-the-art fully equipped research laboratories and a fully functional bioinformatics center. Through our in-house research programs and alliances, we have developed strong competency in bioinformatics, which is applied in the requisite focus areas to aid the rapid development of novel biotechnology solutions.