MACFAST Approach

Our world today is highly networked with information no longer restricted by boundaries.What is available at one part of the globe can be simultaneously accessed at another. This has brought about a complete transformation in the way we look at ‘education’.

 It is insufficient now to be a master in just one field. A multidisciplinary approach is the need of the hour. This approach relativizes the various fields of education and obliterates the demarcations confining them. The revolution in Information Technology (IT) has made computers an indispensable part in almost all aspects of education. Every subject is now linked to IT, thereby increasing its accessibility.

In line with this advance in acquiring knowledge, the key strength of MACFAST is its high-tech IT infrastructure. It plays a pivotal role in the functioning of all departments. Every discipline taught in the college is highly IT-centered.

Additionally, developing the right attitude towards their career is of utmost importance. The Career Management Centre provides a complete training package to ensure a good career start and sustained growth.

Establishing a link with the industry and research worlds even while acquiring academic knowledge and skill is now fast becoming a necessity to ensure good employability. The MACFAST Industry Interface (MII) functioning at Technopark Trivandrum, is a unique initiative to bridge the Industry-Academy divide. Academy to Industry, Industry to Academy, Corporate Badging, Corporate Scholar and Entrepreneurship Development Initiative are our innovative programmes to meet the constantly changing , complex and dynamic requirements of the Industry.

We, at MACFAST, believe that the true purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge, but also encouraging personal empowerment of every individual with the desire for selfdevelopment. We understand that a successful individual is measured not just by his ability to translate knowledge into economics and land lucrative jobs, but also by how satisfied he is in his career and thereby, the quality of life he is able to maintain. Our institution aims at tapping the unlimited potential of human minds and helping students find their calling in life with the primary objective of transforming them into ethical and competent professionals, who would be assets to the society they live in.

MACFAST, not only encourages the growth of the mind, but also the development of character, discipline, and ethical thinking. We strive to build worthy citizens for a ‘knowledge society’ where knowledge is shared freely, is powerful and used for the betterment of society and the individual. This knowledge society is the revolution happening in the world today. Its foundation is built on the wisdom that knowledge is never lost on sharing - it only multiplies. A definite step forward in this regard is the emphasis on using and supporting open source software and encouraging learning from the internet, in addition to textual study.

In keeping with India’s Vision 2020, “Our future depends not on what will happen to us, but on what we decide to become and on the will to create it”, students are equipped to be the change agent that will revitalize and sustain this revolution. We wish every student of this college the very best in inculcating a flair for leadership, dynamism, courage of conviction, and unwavering commitment to excellence - all qualities necessary to take our nation to new heights.